Saylors Sandcastle activities offered for 2012

Experience the Islands

Many people don't know that we have a beautiful national park, and ocean sports playground only 17 miles from the Channel Islands Harbor (Ventura/Oxnard.) There is a campground with a small pier where you can do hikes, Kayak, camp, snorkle, Scuba, ect... Sea life is plentiful and the water is clear most of the time unlike the beaches on the mainland. I have been frequenting these islands for the past ten years in my 23 foot Parker ocean boat. Just this year I have begun to offer kayak tours at the Islands and into sea caves for those that are adventurous. Also we can just cruise around looking at points of interest for anyone just wanting to see the islands and sea life. Trips are organized according to your comfort level. Activities can be planned with your group and talored to your liking. Tuesdays and some Saturdays will be available as those are the days I'm free from my "real" job. Trips are subject to ocean conditions which I monitor for everyones safety. Pricing is calculated by the size of the group and the activities we will be doing. Minimum is two people for 270.00 and maximum I can taxi around the Island once you get there is eight for 880.00.

Right now these tours are exclussive to Saylors Sandcastle renters. Tours are being done by Bill Saylors Jr. son of Marsha and Bill Saylors of The Saylors Sandcastle.
This is the most comfortable and safest way to get accross the channel in between the harbor and the islands. My boat is incredibly reliable and efficient but passage accross the channel can be rough and I have found that most people not accustomed to bumping and rocking around in a smaller craft on the ocean will have a much more enjoyable experience crossing on the huge island packers boat and then taxiing around, under the shelter of the islands, in my smaller and more manuverable craft. This also allows me more space on the boat to carry kayaks, ice chests, and other gear we will be using once everyone arrives. The price of your ticket includes passage to and from the islands
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